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Archived Links

Smitten Blu- Sylvia MacCalla Co Founder
Chico's Angeles
Chico's Angels Kay Sedia, Chita Parole, Frieda Laye show their stuff in their theme song video "Chico's Angeles (Watch em Get Down). Livin Out Loud's Sylvia MacCalla and Reuben MacCalla created and produced the theme song for the series and Sylvia is the featured artist in the video. Check it out.

Here is the Wikipedia reference to Livin Out Loud

Nathaniel Phillips- our Musical Director- see article
Derek "Dminor" Young
Our Collaboration Partner Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown
Website of Karl Brown and 2TUFF4U Records.
MJ Cole's Myspace site
MJ Cole did a remix on the new single All That Really Matters
Jango Airplay is a music discovery site. We have a radio station link called Livin Out Loud Music playing R&B music. Besides Livin Out Loud you can hear other artists including Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Usher, Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, Joe, Beyonce, and many others. Check it out.
Ministry of Sound: The Sound of UK Garage
Livin Out Loud has enjoyed the support of top UK Garage producers such as Karl "Tuff Enuf" Brown and MJ Cole. The Ministry of Sound just released their new CD = The Sound of UK Garage" (June 27, 2011). Here is a link to check out the CD. By the way you might recognize the name Livin Out Loud on track 32, with a Garage Mix of What About us.
Debbie Gibson "Rise" Behind the Scenes (Reuben MacCalla and Sylvia MacCalla backups)
Youth Planet Live
Youth Planet Live- founded by Lisa LaShawn and Reuben MacCalla
Audio Lounge Studio
Reuben MacCalla operates out of Audio Lounge Studio
Livin Out Loud- Sonic Bids EPK

View Livin Out Loud's Sonicbids EPK
View Livin Out Loud's EPK

Livin Out Loud in the UK-Urban Essentials/Bigger Management

Urban Essentials/Bigger Management: The go to people for anything regarding Livin Out Loud in the UK and Europe.  

Don't Be A BrokeAzz Contest- Boogie Report

Click the title above to see all of the winners of the"Don't Be A BrokeAzz Contest".   Enter the contest by sending your ideas on How Not To Be A BrokeAzz to

Interview with Reuben on The Best Jams Internet Radio
Or go to itunes radio (in itunes) and click on 6pm - 8pm Eastern Time (3pm-5pm Pacific Time). Interview with Reuben MacCalla on Soul School Cafe with Val Jones.
Livin Out Loud on Myspace
Our Livin Out Loud - Mypage Website
Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation
Trevor Nelson introduced Livin Out Loud to the UK and Europe starting with More Than A Fanatasy as well as the latest single Where's The Love.
Steve Sutherland Galaxy FM site
Steve Sutherland debuted Livin Out Loud's single Where's The Love. Single to be released late September. We love you Steve!
5AM Producers
5AM did the All That Really Matters Remix
Booker T - Kings of Soul
Booker T did the Kings of Soul Remix of Where's the Love and What About Us
Burbree Website
Producers Thomas Burbree and Deany Boy remixed Where's The Love- Burbree Mix
2DARC Myspace site
Producer 2Darc collaborated on Hey You and did remixes on What About Us and Where's The Love
Dynas-D Website
Website for remix producer Dynas-D
Future Proof Records: Our friends in the UK
Future Proof Records promotes Livin Out Loud and distributes in the UK
Import Sound and Vision
Import Sound and Vision does programming of music videos in North America, UK & Europe and Austrailia. Livin Out Loud' Where's The Love- Kings of Soul video has been aired in the US and Canada.
FYE Record Stores (National Chain)
While You Were Out: Eagle Rock- How Reuben Got His Funk back
Television Show: Reuben and Sylvia are on the episode titled: How Reuben got his funk back.
Future Proof records My Space
Our friends My Space site- Check it out.
FYE Stores (National Chain)

Buy This CD Now
Future Proof UK Release Promo Listen site
This a listening station for the album What About Us and single All That Really Matters with a link to HMV
Cornerstone Promotions
Website to Cornerstone Promotions
Avex Network
This the website for Avex Japan, which is the publisher of Soul Essential 7. Livin Out Loud, Why U Gotta Lie" is track 11.
Arkansas-Little Rock- Ugly Mike's Records
Ugly Mike's Records 4710 W 12th St Little Rock, AR 72204 Phone: (501) 663-9052
Urban Essentials
Urban Essentials Charts
DMC DJ Pages UK Charts
DJ Charts from the UK, Europe and the World in all genres
Radio 1 - New Singles
The release of All That Really Matters
Arkansas- Record Rack in Pine Bluff
The Record Rack Address: 2801 S Olive St, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 Phone: 870-536-5089
Sonic Bids EPK site
Electronic Press Kit for Livin Out Loud hosted by Sonic Bids
UK ONline Magazine: Like Music
Interview with Livin Out Loud for the release of Where's The Love.
Phatmag (Karl Brown info)
Interview with Karl Brown
Arkansas- Arkansas Record and CD Exchange
4212 Macarthur Dr N Little Rock, AR 72118 (501) 753-7877
Indie 911
Indie 911, Kin Productions focus on tracks for film, television, and commericals.
The Groove TV Show
Hosted by Lucy Ambache and Steve Sutherland
Uptown Records
MJ Cole mix of All That Really Matters is on the star charts. Uptown Records carries Livin Out Loud music
Video C Forums
Video C- See the Music shows Where's The Love- Dance Video as well as many of today's most popular videos.
Arkansas-Little Rock- Been Around Records
Been Around Records 1216 S University Ave Little Rock, AR 72204 +1 501 663 876
DJ Q online- Radio 1XTRA (Karl Brown info)
DJ Q Blog- October 21, 2005 playlist- Where's The Love-Kings of Soul Mix on 2Tuff4U.
BFBS collective groove by Mario
Three versions of Where's The Love found their way to Mario's Playlist.
Industry Groove Mixtape
Livin Out Loud's Come On Baby on the Industry Groove Mixtape.
Georgia-Augusta- Pyramid Music & More
Pyramid Music & Video 822 Broad St Augusta, GA 30901-1215 (706) 724-1508
Has information on Livin Out Loud: Then and Now and the single Where's The Love
Louisiana- New Orleans- Peaches Records and Tapes
Peaches Records And Tapes-- 408 North Peters New Orleans, LA 70130 Phone: (504) 282-3322
Louisiana- New Orleans- Odyssey Records & Tapes
Odyssey Records & Tapes 1012 Canal St New Orleans, LA 70112-2506 Phone: (504) 523-3506
Sirius- Heart and Soul- Satelite Radio
Louisiana- Abbeville Record Shop - Lafayette
Abbeville Record Shop David & Wanda Luquette, Owners 124 South state Street Abbeville, LA 70510 337-893-3187
Louisiana--Baton Rouge (Bowie's and LaRhythms Music)
Bowie's Record Shop 9162 Scotland Ave Baton Rouge, LA 70807 (225) 775-6786 LA Rhythms Music 9656 I-Burbank Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70810 225-819-9100
Louisiana- Shreveport- Garland Super Sounds
Garland Super Sounds 7720 Linwood Ave Shreveport, LA (318) 687-3661
Mississippi- Jackson- Bebop Records
Bebop Records-Maywood Mart Maywood Mart 1220 E. Northside Dr. Jackson MS 39211 Tel: (601) 981-5000 Bebop- Metro 3887 Metro Dr Jackson MS 39209 Tel: (601) 969-3181
South Carolina- Columbia- Manifest
COLUMBIA, SC BOOZER SHOPPING CENTER 1563 A. Broad River Road Corner of Bush River/Broad River Rd. Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 12PM-8PM 803.798.2606
KISS 107.7 link
Information on appearance for KISS 107.7
South Carolina- Columbia-Sounds Familiar
Sounds Familiar 7252 Parklane Rd Columbia, SC 29223 (803) 788-6446? Sounds Familiar 4420 Rosewood Dr Columbia, SC 29209 (803) 776-7208?
Stereo Hype- Vinyl Version
All That Really Matters on vinyl from 2Tuf4U
Music Choice- Cable TV across the USA
Juno Records- 2Tuff4U
2Tuff4U vinyl of Where's The Love
WUHT Birmingham, Alabama
Singers Room
Download of All That Really Matters
WWMG- Montgomery, Alabama
Where's The Love- CD Cover
Uptown Records sells Livin Out Loud
WZHT- Montgomery, Alabama
You can also buy Livin Out Loud Then and NOW at EMUSIC
WTUG in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Amazon USA
Carries Livin Out Loud prior to the album What About US
KOKY in Little Rock, Arkansas
D-Sound in Japan
Online Music Service in Japan
WMIB- in Miami, Florida
cd Japan
This site carries brownsuger Records Soul Essentials 7. Track 11 is "Why U Gotta Lie" from Livin Out Loud
WTMP in Tampa, Florida
AOL MUSIC - Livin Out Loud
Site for AOL Music including Radio- They have Livin Out Loud
WAKB in Augusta, Georgia
More Than A Fantasy- Club Mix and Come On Baby Slow Jam on vinyl
WAGH in Columbus, Georgia
Soul Baby
Website in Japan
WKZJ serving Columbus Georgia
Essential Records Direct
Distributes the 2Tuff4U vinyl of Where's The Love.
WSRB serving Chicago, Illinois
Livin Out Loud: Sampler Download
Weetracks allows free trial download of Livin Out Loud tracks.
KQXL in Baton Rouge, Louisianna
KNEK in Lafayette, Louisiana
KMEZ in New Orleans, Louisianna
KDKS in Shreveport, Louisianna
WGPR in Detroit, Michigan
WTLZ in Saginaw, Michigan
WKXI in Jackson, Mississippi
WUKS in Fayetteville, North Carolina
WMGL in Charleston, South Carolina
WXST in Charleston, South Carolina
WLXC in Columbia, South Carolina
WWDM in Columbia, South Carolina
WMPZ in Chattanooga, Tennessee
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