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The New Livin Out Loud ALbum to be released April 10,2015 - March 20, 2015

Take It Easy- A musical time capsule is the new album from Livin Out Loud.  It will be released in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim - April 10, 2015.  The album has 10 newly released tracks and 4 remixed and remastered chart toppers, these are "I Can't Stop", "Lately", "You Make Me Smile" and "All That Really Matters"

The campaign for the new album has started in London, and the title track was played by Jazz FM's Jeff Young last weekend.

Reuben MacCalla interviewed by Leigh "The Flava" in Bedford UK - July 4, 2011

Reuben MacCalla dropped in on Leigh "The Flava" on the Fourth of July in Bedford UK. Leigh was a gracious host and played a number of Livin Out Loud favorites such as "I Can't Stop" and "Lately". He even gave a sneak peak in to some of the tracks to the upcoming album titled "Lately". Thank you Leigh and 106.5 FM for your support.

Brokeazz Radio Edit- #13 Top 20 Southern Soul Network - May 18, 2010

Livin Out Loud's song "BrokeAzz" has risen to #13 on the Southern Soul Network Top 20 Chart. Thank you, Southern Soul Network for your support.

Wayne C McDonald plays Livin Out Loud - May 4, 2010

In the UK, The Sugar Radio Show with Wayne C McDonald, 102.5FM NE1FM, Played Livin Out Loud's "Cuz I Gotta Know- Souled Out Mix" on his April 25th Show. You can go to
To see the playlist and downloads of the show.

Thank You Wayne C McDonald for your continued support.

HKGFM introduces "All That Really Matters-5AM" to Hong Kong - May 4, 2010 is a progressive online radio station that has been heating up the airwaves for over 2 1/2 years now. The Hong Kong-based station has eight channels, all appealing to a variety of listeners. This is the perfect chance for artists to get their music heard in over 150 countries, including: Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, China, Singapore, UK, Sweden and the Netherlands

Thank you HKGFM for your support.

Ronnie Herel plays Livin Out Loud on BBC 1xtra - April 28, 2010

RnB with Ronnie Herel played the track Cuz I Gotta Know- Souled Out Mix on his Monday show. Here is the link to his playlist
Thank You Ronnie for your continued support.

Soul and Jazz and Funk says LIVIN' OUT LOUD ... THEY GOTTA KNOW - April 27, 2010

LIVIN' OUT LOUD are an American four piece group who are well known to the UK soul cognoscenti. What few copies of their 2006 album 'What About Us' that were available in Europe were quickly snapped up by discerning modern soul collectors. The good news is that the band will shortly be releasing their brand new set throughout Europe. Three years in the making, 'Lately' has all the classic ingredients so beloved of the modern soul crew. The first track to be leaked from the album is called 'Cuz I Gotta Know' (in a special Souled Out mix) and it's a smooth slice of steppers soul that will delight sophisticated groovers. Prior to the album's full release, more tracks will be made available so that America's best kept soul secret won't be a secret too much longer.


UK supports Livin Out Loud - April 26, 2010

Livin Out Loud introduced the single "Cuz I Gotta Know- Souled Out Mix" this last weekend. It was played on 25 UK specialist shows including 1Xtra, NE1FM, Colourful Radio, Jazz FM, Starpoint, SOLAR, STOMP and many more. Thank you to all the shows that supported us this weekend. More information in the days ahead.

BrokeAzz on The Southern Soul Top Twenty Count Down - April 26, 2010

Livin Out Loud's BrokeAzz is number 18 on The Southern Soul Top Twenty countdown. More to come. Thank you Southern Soul Network for your support.

Soul 360 Plays Livin Out Loud- Cuz I Gotta Know - April 25, 2010

Here is the playlist for Colourful Radio Sunday afternoon Show. Thank you Soul 360 for your support.

FM102x plays "I Can't Stop" as Song of the Day - April 12, 2010

I Can't Stop was selected by FM 102x as Song of the Day on April 12, 2010

It's about the music.

The FM102x Song of the Day podcast is a Daily Discovery of the best in new music from independent artists delivered Mon-Fri. Featuring recordings and unreleased songs from independent musicians that you should be hearing alongside more well-known artists.

FM102x is a niche-media broadcast network that delivers fresh, independent content to an intelligent audience that wants cutting-edge and relevant entertainment. Unlike mass-oriented broadcast companies, FM102x delivers targeted, single-serving shows optimized for mobile use, helping to provide more choice and control in the busy, on-the-go lifestyle. You choose us, we're glad you are listening!

Email fm102x @ for more info.

Livin Out Loud announces “Don’t Be A Broke Azz” Contest - March 29, 2010

Press Release- Monday March 29,2010

Livin Out Loud announces “Don’t Be A Broke Azz” Contest

Livin Out Loud, creators of the music video “BrokeAzz Radio Single”, announces The “Don’t Be A Broke Azz” contest. This contest is sponsored by The Southern Soul Radio Network, and Livin Out Loud.

BrokeAzz !!!! Meaning: Without Money, Economically Challenged, No Loot, In Need Of Funds. In other words...something many people are today but the one thing YOU do NOT wanna be!

The contest offers the opportunity to share Tips on how Not to become a Broke Azz and a chance to win a Free Livin’ Out Loud T Shirt in the process.

People should send their ideas to:
Each day for 5 weeks the Southern Soul Radio Network will select a winner and that winner’s Tip will be shared throughout the World Wide Southern Soul Radio Network.

BrokeAzz can happen to anyone, it is a situation. As in the lyrics of song “BrokeAzz”, “its not a permanent condition and it won’t be forever.” Hopefully the listener provided Tips will help people avoid being BrokeAzz or find tools to get out of being BrokeAzz sooner.

The music video “BrokeAzz Radio Single” is about a guy trying to stay positive even though he is broke. You can see it at

Napster puts Brokeazz on the Recommended Tracks list - March 24, 2010

Napster has listed BrokeAzz (Radio Single) on their Recommended Tracks List.  Thank you Napster for your support.

Brokeazz Radio Edit- is on the International Internet Top 40 Charts - March 20, 2010

The Brokeazz Radio Edit is on the Top 40 Chart on

Top-40 gathers Chart information from 25 countries around the world.  Brokeazz's popularity on You Tube secured a spot on this site for Brokeazz Radio Edit.

Rock America picks Brokeazz Radio Single from Livin Out Loud - March 16, 2010

Premier music video pool Rock America has added Brokeazz Radio Single to their data base of high profile music videos.  You can download it at :


Thank you Rock America for your support.

UK's DJ Bigger and Urban Essentials talk about Livin Out Loud - March 9, 2010


Americas best kept secret is the best way to describe the amazing 4 piece quality R&B act Living Out Loud. They have had an amazing run of success gaining strong chart positions in the past on charts such as the Music Week R&B chart, Choice FM chart, The M8 Urban Chart, Blues & Souls Floor Fillers and Urban Chart; they have also topped the DMC Urban Chart and the Blues & Soul Hiplist. The group has topped over a dozen Soul and R&B charts world-wide from the airplay they have already received. They have already had airplay on Radio 1, Choice, Galaxy, Kiss, Solar, Déjà Vu and many more. Plus support from the UKs leading tastemakers.
So to the first album release in the UK for Livin Out Loud it’s called "Lately", the title track will be the lead track off of this breathtakingly classy album the smoldering album version now has the addition of the Retro mix and stunning video to go with it as well. The second single will be the infectious “Brokeazz” that is talking about the plight of most of the worlds money issues right now. The album comes with three tracks that have already made it to R&B cult status. “What About US”, "Where's The Love" and the track that managed to keep the likes of Justin Timberlake off the top of the DMC urban chart for three weeks the 5am’s Remix of “All That Really Matters”.
Those that love there Soul should check out the breath taking and uplifting “You Make Me Smile”, the smoothed out “So Amazing” and the Michael Jackson inspired “Can’t Stop”.
In America Living Out Loud have muscled in on the big boys act with both chart positions on the Billboard chart and an article on the band in Billboard because of there success as an act on an independent label.
Livin Out Loud is not just another R&B band, they are original with a great soulful sound and lyrics and vocals too match as their live performances at the Southport Weekender and with Ne-yo have endorsed. Lets be honest when was the last time the world had a Superstar Soul Group probably Soul II Soul, isn’t it about time we had a new one
2010 could well be the year that one of the worlds best kept secrets becomes a house hold name.

United Entertainment and Media Limited pick up Brokeazz Radio Single - March 8, 2010

United Entertainment & Media Limited has picked up Brokeazz Radio Single as well as "I Can't Stop" and "Lately". UEM  Limited will place these Livin Out Loud songs in major retail stores across the United Kingdom and Europe.  

You can find out more about UEM Limited by clinking the link below:


Thank you UEM Limited for your support.

Boogie Report -adds Brokeazz Radio Edit - March 6, 2010

The Boogie Report

The Boogie Report, Livin It Southern Style, has added Brokeazz radio single to it's track list influence a few hundred internet and local radio stations  as well as music publications in the southern United States.  Thank you for your support.

Commercial Club King picks up Brokeazz Radio Single Video - March 5, 2010

Brokeazz Radio Edit Video is now being played on Commercial Club King-  distributor of music videos to clubs on the east coast of the United States.  You can see their playlists on the link below.


Thank you Commercial Club King for the support

Brokeazz video picked up by ScreenPlay Entertainment - March 2, 2010

Screenplay Entertainment has put Livin Out Loud's-Brokeazz Radio Edit on their music video playlist.  ScreenPlay Entertainment preloads 20 preprogrammed playlists and an advertising platform and delivers this on-screen entertainment platform to casinos, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cruise ships and other social venues.

Some of their casino clients include Red Rocks, Green Valley, Monte Carlo, Hooters, among others. Restaurant/Bar clients include Leonas, Hard Rock, Joe Sensers, Excellent Bars Group, Verant Group, among many others.

Thank you ScreenPlay Entertainment for your support.

Brokeazz Video gets 2500 You Tube views - February 28, 2010

Brokeazz Radio Edit music video is getting quite a buzz since it was placed on You Tube on February 2nd.  By end of the month it recieved 283 Favorites 289 Comments (avg rating 4.99 out of 5) and 2500 video views.  Not bad for music video goes into video distribution in March.

Thank you for helping us to get the Brokeazz video launched. A number of people can relate to this video, it's timely and speaks to a lot of us.  Please paste the video on your Facebook, Myspace, or other social networking sites.  Continue to tell your friends.  We appreciate your support.

Reuben MacCalla in DMC Update - January 14, 2010

Livin Out Loud's own Reuben MacCalla is in the Jan 7th issue of DMC World Update in the UK. His song titled "All That Really Matters" is on the Street Soul Chart. The single has mixes from MJ Cole, Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown, 5 AM, Ray Paxxon and the Groove Professor.

Livin Out Loud Update - December 15, 2009

We have been busy working on our deals with our International Distribution Partners. You will be hearing alot more from us in 2010. Expect some announcements in February.

We are also working on our latest Music Video to be released early next year.

The individual group members have been keeping quite busy:

Reuben and Lisa have been working on a project called Youth Planet Live. They are working with a few promising young artist. More information on this early next year.

Sylvia and J Martini have both been working live theater projects. Sylvia has been reprising her role as Motormouth Maybelle in "Hair Spray" and J Martini has been appearing in "Jersey Boys" in Las Vegas.

Livin Out Loud appearing for WUKS "Kiss 107.7" in Fayetteville North Carolina - June 4, 2009

Reuben and Sylvia MacCalla of Livin Out Loud will be appearing in an "Intimate Evening with wih WUKS -Kiss 107.7. The apperance will be at the

Ambiance Entertainment Venue
2510 Legion Road,
Fayetteville, Norh Caroloina

Doors open at 7pm, Show begins at 8pm.

Livin Out Loud- Free Music Downloads - June 4, 2009

As seen on myspace and facebook, Livin Out Loud is starting the summer off right by offering free music download of "I Can't Stop", "lately", "All That Really Matters" and some others (such as Lately-Club Mix & Brokeazz) for the next few days. This is a limited offer for only a few days. Enjoy.
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