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If it's glossy, airbrushed looking sex-appeal you're after, Livin out Loud don't quite cut it aestheticall. But no matter, it's the music we're interested in. this four piece group made up of two boys and two girls , have been doing ther thing in Los Angeles, where front-lining band member Reuben MacCalla has been writing and producting to culminate the Livin Out Loud sound. The group have also worked with pioneering British acts such as DJ karl "Tuf Enuff' Brown and creative Producers 2Dar. So what is their music like? It's soulful, it's jazzy, it's got a modern-urban twist, yet they take it back to old-skool, with some smooth swing grooves. When listening to What About Us one can't help but make comparisons. It's something along the lines of a Lucy Pearl meets Craig David meets SWV. The beauty of the album is its variation. It's easy listening and although vocally it's nothing we haven't heard before, stylistically the hybrid sound works well. What About Us is eclectic enough to appeal to a cross-generational audience, so both you and your Nan could be shacking out to this one!
Fellcia Okoye - Touch Magazine (Sep 8, 2006)
Livin’ Out Loud
What About Us
Kin Productions
What About Us is the mature sounding debut offering by the Livin crew. Just like their name, the two girl/two guy quartet act out their everyday experiences over 14 tracks that give each member equal opportunity to display their talents. The LP sees the group talk about being broke (Brokeazz), falling in love (All That Really Matters) and out of love (Where’s the Love). Elsewhere, You’re My Sunshine offers a new twist on the popular 1940’s tune as the group harmonizes perfectly. All in all, a very consistent debut effort. Track To Check: So Amazing (E’BW’E)
(E’BW’E) - RWD Magazine in UK (Aug 12, 2006)
Livin Out Loud- What About US- An Impressive Single

Review from Pride Magazine in the UK

Four Stars

An impressive single, designed to complement those summer days. If you like your soul silky smooth ehtn this is definitely for you. It's memorable and makes a refreshing change from what's currently out there. "What About Us" is backed with a selection of remixes that promise to funk up your soul Livin Out Loud are definitely making themseleves heard with this hot new single.
Pride Magazine (Jun 20, 2006)
Livin’ Out Loud: In Living Colour

Tuesday ,13th June 2006
You know our transatlantic game is tight; reaching across the pond is nothing long to RWD. So we spoke to US R&B/ hip hop movers Livin’ Out Loud who ARE on the verge of their UK release to see just what the dealio was.
First of all, who or what is Livin’ Out Loud?
Rueben: It’s about taking life experiences, the things that make us laugh and cry and putting it all out there for the world to see. It isn’t about one taste, it takes a lot of things blended together to be Livin-Out-Loud. There's Reuben MacCalla, Sylvia MacCalla, Lisa LaShawn, and J. Martini. Reuben is the bandleader, singer, songwriter as well as the creative producer. Sylvia, Lisa, and J. Martini are songwriters and performers. Thomas MacCalla is the executive producer and manages the group’s projects.

Who have been your influences?
Reuben: Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Lisa: My Mom was my first inspiration - she played gospel music everyday and taught me how to harmonise.
J.Martini: My father is my biggest musical influence. He was a jazz singer and musician back in the day.
Sylvia: Sarah Vaughn, Carole King and Chaka Chan.

How did you come together and what were the early days like?
J.Martini: We’ve all know each other for years. In the beginning we would bounce song ideas of each other and that naturally evolved into writing songs together. It’s an interesting dynamic.
Lisa: Sylvia said to me, ‘You know, we could be a group together.’ So Reuben, Sylvia and Jason and I all got together.

How do you describe the Livin’ Out Loud sound?
Thomas: Take hot vocals with great harmonies, mixed with high powered musicianship, blend it with R&B, hip hop, and dance with a dash of inspiration and you get the Livin Out Loud sound.
Reuben: We first hit the airwaves with More Than A Fantasy supported by Trevor Nelson. That was also the track we did in the USA on the Wayne Brady Show. Come On Baby, in the USA, followed that; it went to No.5 on the Twin City Beats chart.

Tell us about your forthcoming up single What About Us.
Reuben: It continues the LA, NY, London collaboration between Livin’ Out Loud, out of Hollywood and associates Karl ‘Tuff Enough’ Brown in London and Dy-nas-d & Crisis out of New York.
Lisa: Those mixes cover various moods and viewpoints. The 2DARC UK Urban mix has the viewpoint of third party trying to get the lady back. The Slow Jam has that intimate feel of trying to reconcile things. The R&B mix is one of personal reflection.

Tell us about the forthcoming LP, What About Us. Why should we cop that?
Reuben: It has a variety of R&B & hip hop songs of various moods and tempos. There are a total of 14 tracks including our two released singles Where’s The Love and What About Us.
Sylvia: Our music is original, we don’t use samples - the group writes the music. We initially took it to other people to produce, but no one could catch the vibe that we were trying to convey, so my brother took it and finally just did it himself. What you hear, is all us.

To view the latest video Click here.

For more info hit, or For media related enquires contact
- RWD Magazine in UK (Jun 13, 2006)
Livin Out Loud What About US is:

#7 on World Hip Hop chart
#7 on UK Hip Hop chart
#19 on World R&B chart
#19 on UK R&B chart
#17 on UK Mainstream Chart
#42 on UK National chart
Livin Out Loud: What About Us is:

#7 on the World Hip Hop Chart
#53 on European Chart
Artist: Livin Out Loud
Single: “What About Us”
Label: Kinproductions
Release Date: 26th June 06
Genre: RnB/Hip Hop

LA’s RnB family is back with their second UK single release ‘What About Us’, rewarding their loyal UK fans with releasing it in this country first. This release comes just in time for those warm romantic summer nights to sweeten up the airwaves with the lovely vocals of Lisa and Sylvia.
‘What About Us’, is a beautifully told story about the difficulties a couple faces, which most people can identify with.
The single release features several mixes from a Slow Jam to the bumping New York / LA Urban Mix feat ‘Crisis’ to the Dynas-D New York Reggaeton Mix.

Also look out for the 14-track album to be followed this summer featuring last years single ‘Where’s the Love’ and several remixes of the singles. (Review by MSG))
MSG - Critical Beatdown (Jun 1, 2006)
LIVIN OUT LOUD: – ‘What About Us’
Back with the smoother than smooth crowd. The US based outfit are certainly leading the way into classy productions in R’n’B. They even venture into Reggaeton in the Dynas-D mix too. The UK Garage mix is loaded with filtered samples cut and pasted into a jigsaw of rhythm. The Urban mix is almost a jazzy stage inspirational trip. The chill mix (Slow Jam) is dreamlike, and possibly the best of the set.
Neil Brown - Promobile (Mar 29, 2006)


RATING: 4 STARS - Damn Fine Tune

This is a really nice chilled out soulful track. The vocals are really strong and the vocalists have a lot of depth and character in their voices. My favourite mix is the original urban mix, I think this one has the best beat and that the beat matches up with the vocals really well. I love the general silkiness of this tract and the way that it kind of takes you back to a more soulful sound. I also like the Dynas-D New York mix, this beast is also good with the vocals and I like the rap at the beginning, having a more hip hop beat under it adds a new angle to it. I hope this track and Livin’ out loud do well and go far because I think the vocal, musical and production talent are here and that they have more potential to fulfil.

Caz Croft
Where's The Love
Kin Productions
Livin Out Loud

Livin Out Loud's single "Where's the Love", is a smooth soulful patter with a fine array of remixes to suit various tastes and DJ needs from the laid back yet sorrowful Urban Mix to the more rugged Dynas-D New York Mix. With a commercial tinge expect to hear this spinning on radio and in the clubs soon.

DJ Slim - Futureproof
Interview with the members of Livin Out Loud shortly after the release of Where's The Love.
Livin' Out Loud: Where's the Love
(Kin Productions)
Livin' Out Loud are a Los Angeles soul collective who made their first ripple last year with singles "Why U gotta lie" and "More than a fantasy". With the backing of Trevor Nelson, the new single has already touched down on these shores to much acclaim. Still, it's a shame the group lose points for the original LP mix which kicks off with a melody reminiscent of Nathan's "Come into my room" and Mis-teeq's "Why". Heads will need to opt for the Original Urban and Dynas-D New York mixes to give the five-piece crew their due credit. As for the dance-mixes, The Kinds of Soul remix puts Elmo Vox Shock to shame.

(Verdict: Love is all around)
Artist Livin Out Loud
Title: Where's The Love
Label: Kin Productions

Livin Out Loud are two girls and three guys, but they are not Liberty X. This team have a qualifed set of professional and natural talents that work together as a team should, and the result is stunning. The track is geting some specialist airplay, but these musicians should get more credit and some serious success with this set. The mixes take on various guises of hip-hop and urban soul, with hous mixes added to keep the clubbers happy. 5/5.
Neil Brown - Pro Mobile Magazine

Hailing from Los Angeles, bringing their own brand of R&B, Funk, Pop, and Jazz to audiences, the Livin Out Loud sound is the creation of siblings Reuben and Sylvia MacCalla along with extended family Lisa LaShawn, Martini and dminor. Their enjoyably rhythmic CD single release of Where's The Love has seven mixes and the vinyl version has a mere five (to ensure the best audio qualiity). It's extremely well done and the variance ensures the final outcome is almost a stand-alone album based on a single track. You'll need to decide for yourself which is your preference.
Q Sheet
KinProductions are getting ready to release the new single from the group Livin Out Loud entitled "Wheres The Love"..The track features 7 different remixs ranging from the slow tempo 2darc mix to the Hiphop flavoured Dynas-D New York Mix plus a couple of mixes for you dance heads heads etc ..The singles out sept 16th and has been making quite abit of noise already over the past few weeks on certain radio station,The Lp version is a slow chilled out joint,well produced and the vocals are on point.Definatly one of my favourite R&B joints out at the moment. The release date is scheduled for Sept 16th so look out for this one..
A nice slow two-steppin' mix is found under the title of the "Burbree Mix" where meandering strings and snaps that sound like bamboo being thrashed against a wall keep time on this lazy mix. Sweet female vocals are wrapped around by the girls in the backing line-up, who support with both words and warm , sound harmonies. The "Original Urban Mix" is lil' more acoustic and restrained with its softer percussive stance, as is the chilled '2Darc Club Mix". If you want to set the club on fire, the 'New York Mix" leaps into action with a harder edge, a guitar splashes riffs alongside the bangin' beats, although little vocal breakdowns give us a chance to get our breath back and take a rest from the floor-friendly pace.
YH - DJ Magazine
Livin’ Out Loud – Where’s The Love
Futureproof Records
Getting a vinyl and CD release this Trevor Nelson favourite comes in a variety of mixes, from urban styles to R&B and house. The ‘Kings of Soul Remix’ has some phat twanging guitar hooks, smooth vocals and a nice steady head nodding bassline to enjoy. A happy track that’s worth the risk on a few less ‘housie’ mixes – who knows you might hear something new!
Feeling the track. Played already.
Trevor Nelson (Radio 1), regarding Where's The Love - Soul 2 Street
Wicked !! Loving this track.
John Beatfreak (Deja vu FM) regarding Where's The Love - Soul 2 Street Report
"Livin Out Loud return with a classy remix of their album
track "Cuz I Gotta Know". This group has real talent which
is more than evident of this acoustic lead slice of smooth
street soul.""
Bigger - Blues and Soul Magazine
Very Big Track! Loving it, gets rewinds!!
E Plus (LUR FM/Uique FM) - Soul 2 Street Report
"Kudos to the precocious writing and vocal team of Reuben and Sylvia MacCalla. Not since the memorable contemporary music eras, spanning the late '60s and early eighties has a pair of artists produced such hip-swinging, mellow-messaged, ear-capturing melodies for the masses as done by the MacCallas. Skin-tight mucis arrangements and sounds organization steps to the stage or records their artistry. You won't be disappointed."
Dwight M. Ellis, International Media Consultant - Letter to Kin Productions
" It's only a matter of seconds before your sholulders are boppin' and your hips rockin' to this smooth but insanely catchy R&B Soul Pop. But it is no wonder why because living up to their name, "Livin Out Loud" asserts its way into your blood with the silk of Chaka Kahn and the soul of Stevie Wonder. With thick vocal harmonies supported by instrumental textures so solid you can dance on them this buttery feast of Soul will have you licking your lips."
Tamara Turner - Official CD Baby review: Editors Pick
EXCELLENT encore !!!! Me rappelle assez Five Point Plan par moment... Cool Sauf qu'ici c'est une voix masculine qui prédomine la plupart du temps (la chanteuse intervenant avec parcimonie...).

On oscille entre Funk, Soul, Pop (parfois) Sucrée et Groovy à souhait... Vraiment TRES TRES agréable comme Live Razz

Mes préférées pour le moment : "Shame on You", "All I Do", "I Wanted You to Know"... Je ne sais plus s'ils (ces titres) sont en écoute sur Cd Baby mais je suis sous le charme... Embarassed Wink
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