Livin Out Loud

Livin Out Loud:

Livin Out Loud is a music project first commercially introduced in the United Kingdom 2004. Hailed by UK press as America’s best kept secret, "LIVIN OUT LOUD achieved success with hits "I Can't Stop" and "Lately" (#34 and #31 respectively) on Billboard’s Urban AC Chart. Both singles earned the number one spot on the playlists of radio stations throughout the Southern United States. Their group’s next album, titled “Take It Easy” will be released on April 10, 2015 in the UK. The birth of Kin Productions and LIVIN OUT LOUD: Kin Productions (Kin) is the vision of Reuben, Sylvia and Thomas MacCalla. The record label- “company” was formed to pursue artistic related business projects of interest with the first being LIVIN OUT LOUD. LIVIN OUT LOUD is the creation of Sylvia MacCalla and Reuben MacCalla and both play a role in all of their productions. LIVIN OUT LOUD represents a vertically integrated signature sound that includes writing, performance, and production. Kin set out in the new world of Independent Artists in 2000 with the launch of their self titled debut album "Livin Out Loud" on which the popular tracks "I Wanted You to Know" and "When Can We Get Together" can be found. LIVIN OUT LOUD has always collaborated with other world-class musicians on their recordings such as Nathaniel Phillips, Duane Benjamin, Chris Clermont, Rob Whitlock, and Peter Sprague, as well as vocal performers such as Lisa LaShawn, Jason Martinez and Derek (Dminor) Young. The group’s second album, "Livin Out Loud: Then and Now", saw the vocal collaboration between Lisa, Jason, and Derek evolve. The album, released in 2004, is a more eclectic music project and includes the RnB tracks "I Can't Stop", “More Than A Fantasy”, "Why You Gotta Lie", "Come On Baby" and "You Make Me Smile" as featured tracks. The album also has a club version of "More Than A Fantasy", a rock track "Cuz That's The Way" and an alternative track "Revolution". "More Than A Fantasy" was the first song to break in the UK. Thomas and Reuben brought the track to Choice FM in London at 10am the fall of 2003 and the stations program director, Kirk Anthony, had it on the air by 1:30 pm the same day - something unheard of today. Legendary UK DJ Trevor Nelson, went on to introduce "More Than A Fantasy" to the nation, which caught on in the rest of Europe and Japan. In the United States, Wayne Brady introduced the track on his popular television show. UK magazine "Blink", also recognized the groups talent and attached 125,000 CDs worldwide on their inaugural cover. At the same time "More Than A Fantasy-Club Mix" sold thousands in Japan on vinyl and will be re-released in the country later this year on a new compilation album. The band’s third album, "What About Us" was released in 2006 and took the group in two directions, RnB and Hip Hop. Livin Out Loud released three EPs from the album “Where’s The Love”, “What About Us” and the breakout single, "All That Really-Matters" went to #1 on DMC’s RnB, Urban, World, and Dance DJ charts. “The Dance” came from collaborations with UK dance masters Karl Brown and MJ Cole. The Hip Hop was done in collaboration with rapper "Crisis" out of New York City. LIVIN OUT LOUD performed went on to perform in the UK at the Southport Weekender and opened for Ne-Yo in London. "What About Us" also gained attention in the United States and the group soon signed with Universal's Fontana Distribution. LIVIN OUT LOUD went on to release the single "Lately" and then re-release the single "I Can't Stop" going to #31 and #34 of Billboard's Hot AC chart. These songs went to #1 in radio stations all over the southern United States including Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and as far north as Washington DC. LIVIN OUT LOUD followed these hit tracks with the download single "Brokeazz" in 2010 and produced an accompanying video which received over 300,000 views during the first two months on YouTube. LIVIN OUT LOUD joined UK’s Bigger Management upon the release of “Brokeazz” and began working on a new album with plans once again to start the release in the UK. On April 10, 2015, LIVIN OUT LOUD is releasing their new album, "Take It Easy, a musical time-capsule". The music is contemporary and classic RnB, covering variations of familiar vibes over the decades, but always grounded in today's energy, feel and perspective. The album has 10 new tracks and 4 remixed or re-mastered chart toppers "I Can't Stop", "Lately”, "You Make Me Smile" and "All That Really Matters-5AM. The complete album is 14 tracks. Industry experts expect multiple singles to be generated by the album. The title track was previewed on London’s Jazz FM with Jeff Young on Mother's Day March 15th. LIVIN OUT LOUD is now looking forward to embarking on this new journey with their fans.