Kin Productions

Kin Productions is a family operated business of siblings Reuben Alexander MacCalla. Syliva MacCalla and Thomas MacCalla for the purpose of developing, creating and implementing music projects.  

REUBEN ALEXANDER Reuben Alexander is the breakout project of Reuben Alexander MacCalla as a solo producer, artist and entrepreneur. The project is a joint venture of Kin Productions with Stadium Music Enterprise (SME). SME is a Strategic Branding and Platform Creation organization located in Studio City California and lead by noted producer and artist Josh Stevens. The Reuben Alexander project launched with the Lyric Video for "I Can't Stop", which was released in mid Sept 2017 and reached 1 Million Facebook views by year end. The song previously charted on Billboard in the USA. "I Can't Stop" was not released globally as a single and creating the lyric video and releasing the subsequent single will provide the the introduction to Reuben Alexander. The follow up single to be announced is in association with UK's Jennifer Phillips of XFactor fame. This along will several other singles will be released as an EP later this year. SYLVIA MACCALLA Sylvia MacCalla leads the development division of Kin Productions. Sylvia is doing song writing in Nashville, developing her own Jazz project, and working on artist development and support. . Sylvia is also artistically supporting the Reuben Alexander project via her song writing and vocals. LIVIN OUT LOUD Livin Out Loud has been the flagship project of Kin Productions. Livin Out Loud is spearheaded by Reuben MacCalla and Sylvia MacCalla who perform on the album and have written the majority of the music.  Reuben is also the Producer.  "Take It Easy: A Musical Timecapsule is the latest to be released April 10, 2015.. Livin Out Loud is supported by a strong base of world class musicians and featured artists.  We think this latest Album is our boldest step forward to date.

This website, www,, provides background information on Kin Productions and their flagship project LIVIN OUT LOUD